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Complete organisation
Ramo de novia

We take care of organising and coordinating all the necessary aspects so that the wedding day is unrepeatable and spectacular from beginning to end.


During the process, the bride and groom will not have to worry about anything, just enjoy all the experiences of the organisation and the selection, along with the team, of all the details of the wedding.


Finally, our team will coordinate every minute and supervise all the details during the wedding day, from assembly to disassembly, so that you only worry about enjoying your day to the fullest together with all your guests.

Decoration and coordination
Decoración boda

This service is thought for all those couples who have already decided where and how they want to get married, but want to customise each detail of the wedding venue and give it a unique style.


After a meeting with you and visiting the wedding venue together, we will decorate the space according to your tastes.


In addition, we will coordinate the wedding day minute by minute, from assembly to disassembly.

Coordination of the Wedding day

This service is for all those couples who already have everything organised, but want to be able to enjoy their day together with their family and friends and not be aware of anything other than enjoying their day.


On the wedding day we will be coordinating each and every detail so that the bride and groom do not worry about anything.

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